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In this study, we provide new tectonic data from southern New Caledonia that allow to better constrain the tectonic evolution of the southern part of the main island. Hence, we demonstrate that important extensional events have affected the southern part of the New Caledonia block after the obduction of the peridotite nappe. The direction of maximum extension is variable at the scale of the region. Both high angle and low angle normal faults are present and block rotation is observed at some localities. This suggests that detachments accommodating significant displacements are cutting through the sedimentary pile. The average final strain pattern of the region can be regarded as the results of a multidirectional flattening, a hypothesis consistent with vertical uplift associated with regional extension. These results are in good agreement with conclusions of earlier workers showing late extensional evolution of the ophiolites along the chain and generalized extension in northern New Caledonia. The extensional faulting event in southern New Caledonia started after the obduction of the ophiolite, probably during the Oligocene. Quaternary neotectonic features are observed in the lagoon and correspond to groups of short segments of vertical faults having orientation of N90, N40—50, N0—10 and minor N , delineating subsiding areas. These faults are reactivated features with orientations corresponding to trends of coastlines and other main morphological features of the island.

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Ray Kershaw Imagine your favourite Riviera resorts magically transported to a South Seas paradise where tribes speak mutually unintelligible languages yet all master perfect French. Cook stepped ashore in but the first settler was James Paddon, a British entrepreneur. In he set up a bustling port. France grabbed the island in but the indigenous Kanaks proved fearsome foes. The enticing lanes of colonial style buildings may not at first glance resemble haute couture Paris but you could, we discover, spend just as much.

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Here’s an interesting contention: In fact, judging from recent discoveries, small terrestrial crocodilians were an ordinary component of many tropical island groups, and they presumably still would be, had they not been made extinct by people. This article originally appeared in on Tet Zoo ver 1, and here it is again The first of these animals to be discovered was Mekosuchus inexpectatus from New Caledonia life restoration shown above , a species that most interested people have heard about due to its coverage in popular books e.

Discovered in , this species entered the literature in when Eric Buffetaut described its remains teeth and skull bones from a site on the Isle of Pines, just off New Caledonia. It was a small crocodilian, around 2 m long, and crushing teeth at the back of its jaws suggest that it ate molluscs on occasion. Based on the apparently archaic nature of its postorbital bar, Buffetaut speculated that this animal might be a late-surviving relict form from the Cretaceous. By , Buffetaut and colleague Jean-Christophe Balouet had enough material now from mainland New Caledonia as well as the Isle of Pines to name the species.

All of this was made more surprising by the fact that M. The exact age of M. Humans arrived on New Caledonia about years ago, so it is likely that M. Beside the crocodile, these include large megapodes, rails, meiolaniid turtles and a monitor lizard. An association of M.

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It is part of the Melanesia subregion. A few lesser islands are closer, but now provide no convenient island-hopping path by which animal species could pass either to or from major mainlands. Some plants, invertebrates, sea mammals, and many flying species as aquatic birds, parrots, and bats have spread to new locations, either under their own power or due to freak events such as storms, or have been transported by human actions.

Some plant species have colonized new areas by means of seed carried by ocean currents.

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New Caledonia New Caledonia adopts second flag in compromise over French rule New Caledonia, one of France’s most exotic colonial outposts, has adopted a second flag as part of a compromise between pro-independence activists and those who loyally support ongoing French rule. Bonnie Malkin in Sydney 6: The symbolic move comes after the New Caledonian Congress overwhelmingly voted to adopt the emblem of the indigenous movement, which features red, blue and green stripes with a yellow sun and black totem, as the nation’s second official flag.

However, there was opposition to the move, with some residents arguing that using two flags underlined the ethnic divisions within the country, which remain more than 20 years after violent unrest in the mid s forced France to declare a state of emergency and send paratroopers to restore order. Nic Maclellan, an author and researcher on New Caledonia , said that some people wanted a new flag for New Caledonia, incorporating elements of the Tricolor and the Kanak flags, that would promote the idea of a “common destiny”.

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A powerful undersea earthquake measuring magnitude 7 struck near New Caledonia in the South Pacific on Wednesday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.

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Interestingly, he was pictured carrying a ukulele inside a black case, which perhaps suggests a musical element to the finale episode. Nick – who had to choose between Brittany Hockley or Sophie Tieman in the finale – had a rather serious expression on his face while making his way through the airport It is widely believed that radiographer Brittany steals Nick’s heart and property valuer Sophie places runner up.

However, Daily Mail Australia confirmed earlier this month that the rugby star is no longer dating the show’s winner. This is obviously not what we wanted,’ a production source said. Just think of the money, Nick!

Top tips on cruising, surfing, exploring and sailingNew Caledonia Overview. If, like us, you are one of those travellers who like having an anchorage to themselves, exploring fish filled reef passes and the opportunity to surf or kitesurf secluded spots, you should definitely put New .

Published online Feb Received Oct 11; Accepted Dec Copyright Cruaud et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Associated Data Table S1: Taxonomy and distribution of Oreosycea fig species.

List of Dolichoris and outgroup species included in this study. List of Oreosycea and outgroup species included in this study.

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