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Easy access for the Fans! Visit our website www. Denzel got eliminated twice in one night. Now how does that happen? Well first he was in the bottom two and got eliminated. As soon as Denzel left the stage, he came back with the other contestants to see who would come back into the competition. In my exclusive interview Denzel reveals why he thinks he got eliminated and why he’s okay with not going on a major Top Model trip to Seoul Korea or winning the competition.

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The An Le-shot photo shoot was a clear arbiter of effort, if not pure talent, due to the difficulty of holding a series of awkward poses for so long. Hiding boxes containing the makeover outcomes while withholding which model they belonged to was a particular brand of cruelty from Tyra, but added a splash of extra amusement before the models even got to the salon.

The most drastic changes were reserved for Shei and Kari, who both handled them in the most opposite way possible. Kari, on the other hand, had the requisite breakdown that happens with at least one model each cycle. Unlike some in previous years, she was smart enough to at least make an effort to embrace her altered appearance, leaving Tyra the job of gently reminding her that a unique look is better than a classically pretty one.

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But his son, John David Washington, has matured into a commanding actor in his own right. The younger Washington turned 32 in , so if you’re just coming to know him, there’s never been a better time to learn more about this rising star. College football Getty Images John David’s football bona fides began when he was a young man, graduating from high school as an All-American standout and earning a scholarship to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga.

He has spoken fondly about the sport, saying he developed a passion for it as his own form of rebellion against his more artistically-minded parents. Louis now Los Angeles Rams, though he never saw much in the way of playing time. His two seasons in the NFL were spent on the team’s practice squad. In a interview with The Breakfast Club , he recalled his first carry in the league versus the Indianpolis Colts. He said he rushed for nine yards, describing it as a memorable moment that was, unfortunately, not followed by much more action.

John David says he’s blessed for the experience. It’s reportedly not the physical aspects of football that give him pause. John David hopes his role can shine a light on some of the dramatic aspects of athletes’ lives that don’t get as much attention in the press. Though his costar garnered most of the pre-release hype for the show, it’s John David who people can’t stop talking about. The attention is well-earned-—rather than having strings pulled on his behalf by friends in the industry, John David auditioned for his role Though the Rock garnered most of the pre-release hype for the show, it’s John David who people can’t stop talking about lately.

21 Questions for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Denzel Wells – HollywoodPQ exclusive interview

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This is my favorite photo of the cycle. The eyes is so haunting, and I felt like Cory played a part in it too, which was a problem for most models in this photo. The lighting in the photo gives me goosebumps. It reminds me of a scene in a sci-fi movie. The legs look like silicone beauty, and I love how clean her hair looks here. Kari Comeback Huge step down from the fantastic photoshoot above Kari, but this is very good as well.

The angle from the balcony is literally a still from a movie. The gaze off to the sky makes this photo feel romantic and longing while Cory tries to comfort Kari. Raelia This is when Raelia truly becomes her best frm in the competition. Her body looks banging in this photo.

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Opt out or contact us anytime And that was that, though Ms. Findley still maintained that God had a plan, if only she knew what it was. Just months after filming the pilot, she, like her character, moved out of state, in this case to California. As she prepared for a new life, which was to include a stopover to see her grandparents in Washington, her friends hosted a surprise going-away party in Brooklyn and invited Mr.

Denzel and Kari struggle at finding chemistry with each other, and Denzel becomes distracted by Mirjana, who is giving all her attention to Keith. Lenox struggles to embody the sexual character, while Adam struggles with movement once again. Back at the house, the contestants celebrate Romeo’s birthday. Most of the contestants are surprised at how personable Romeo is being with everyone. Adam retires after a while, as do a majority of the contestants. After having become drunk, Romeo staggers into the Tyra Suite before being blocked by Adam.

They playfully exchange words before Romeo suddenly becomes combative towards Adam. The two exchange threats, with Romeo goading Adam to hit him and Adam trying to get Romeo back to his room.

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Police in Charlotte, N. Lopez reported to the Mecklenberg County police station voluntary to answer detectives’ questions about his involvement with the crime. He was then arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Later, a hair product photo shoot leads to harsh words and flaring tempers. On the last episode models teamed up to for a photo shoot challenge with judge Kelly Cutrone resulting in two models recognizing the need to put their personal relationship on hold. The models then discovered their common ancestry links when heritage came into play as the styling concept for a futuristic sci-fi photo shoot that featured a special guest posing as a robot.

Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you. Models pair up for a hair product photo shoot that results in harsh words and flaring tempers.

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Madonna grabbed the headlines at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, but probably not in the way she would have wanted. The 56 year old star was The ‘Stay With Me’ hitmaker was handed the The year-old singer took a tumble whilst performing her hit The year-old actress, who repeatedly lashed out at Rick and Lynn Bynes on social media The ‘Heartbeat Song’ hitmaker, who has eight-month-old daughter River Rose with

Meanwhile a love triangle in the house causes some models to under perform at an optical illusion photo shoot. On the last episode, the final 14 contestants moved into their new home, just in time for tempers to flare and relationships to ignite. Models competed in a revealing runway challenge where the wardrobe consists only of silly string. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

Later, during makeover day, one model unveils a never-before-seen look, while another suffers a breakdown. While you wait for the recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of all the changes they have made to ANTM this season? Luckily, though, he was still missing a few important ingredients by time their first photo-shoot came around.

The shoot itself was all about creating an optical illusion so it tested some of the participants. They were put in weird angles on the floor and then had to find a way to make that editorial. Hence some of them struggled like Chantelle and Kari during their turns while others namely Denzel completely lost it.

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