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New DE razor user here. Checking in after using electric razors for the better part of my life. I’ve been playing with the idea of DE shaving for a couple years now and now that BOTH my electric razors crapped out I decided to pull the trigger. I have been practicing the last week with a Gillette Knack razor a buddy of mine was nice enough to give me and I have been really enjoying it so far! I have steadily been improving my technique and every shave is less and less bloody. So much so that I’ve been researching other razors. I have a Muhle R89 on the way with blade sampler which I will start using once it arrives and will spend the bulk of my learning time with. It should arrive soon, super excited. I’m wondering if it may perhaps be a “frankenrazor”?

Vintage Brass Star Double Edge Razor w/ Blades In

All the cases have Vintage Ware and some as you can see in my pictures have certain amounts of breakage and scratching which happens with time. Some of the cases need to be completely refurbished whereas some of the cases only need a small amount of refurbishing. Please keep in mind that these pieces have been laying around in old barns, people’s garages etc.

Silver Vintage Gillette ABC Pocket Edition vintage gillette safety razor, been in storage so untested head opens as it should. vintage used gillette twist safety razor with display case. Hi. I’m selling Vintage Gillette ABC.

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Vintage Safety Razor Gillette Slim Adjustable Tto De Date Code J2

One of my other vintage razors is of this basic type, but not quite that old. The initial design persevered unchanged until after World War I. Razors of this kind are quite viable shaving tools, and provide a close shave to anyone willing to employ them with a bit of care and technique.

Feb 17,  · This is a quick overview of how to clean, Polish and sanitize a vintage razor prior to using. There is a pretty good chance that you would want to clean and sanitize a vintage razor .

The definition of ‘vintage’ is kind of similar to cars. Most vehicles are considered ‘Classic’ or ‘Antique’ and available to be club registered is they are over 25 years old. Vintage us usually reserved as the name for a pre ‘s car. The same with blades – no exact consensus exists but I would say that the blades in question should be at least 10 years old since manufacture , but they may still be in production. If there is no rust on the honed edges then load up and go for it.

You can usually identify these as being nothing but rust, or they have a ‘bluing’ treatment on them that turns the steel nearly black. Even if kept dry, the atmospheric moisture will interact with the part of the blade that is exposed to the air, which is the edge itself. This will then rust – even if microscopically – and will not only blunten the blade over time, abut you can run the risk of Tetanus.

They shave differently to what we have now, it would take some getting used to. Basically, if you are asking these questions then you shouldn’t be shaving with Carbon Steel blades. If you want to try some, then buy a pack of the Treet Carbons and have a go with them. Some people swear by the old Gillette Blue Blades but I have tried some carefully inspected and shaved and hated them.

Vintage Gillette Razor or match box holder

Shave Like Grandad Topics related to traditional wet shaving, which is ecologically friendly very little waste to discard , less expensive than using canned foam and multi-bladed throw-away cartridges and razors, and a fun and interesting way to turn shaving from a chore into a pleasurable daily ritual. This one was manufactured in Yet the truth is that I don’t like this razor very much.

I prefer my Merkur 33C and 15C razors any day.

Great prices on Vintage Gillette Adjustable Razor E4 and related listings. Browse Vintage Gillette Adjustable Razor E4 available for purchase now online! Vintage Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable Safety Razor Date Code E4. $ Flir M Flir M Tilt-adjustable 9hz .

It weighs in at 2oz 58g. It is a short relatively thin handled TTO razor. Aesthetically it is a very attractive razor in my opinion. A well shined SSFT just glistens. The Shave For my shave today I used all thoroughly tested and proven top performing hardware and software. I will use the same exact set up for every Weekly Vintage Razor Review.

Gillette spent fortune on Indian razor forgetting country’s no running water

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Great prices on Vintage Gillette Adjustable Razor E4 and related listings. Browse Vintage Gillette Adjustable Razor E4 available for purchase now online! Vintage Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable Safety Razor Date Code E4. $ Flir M Flir M Tilt-adjustable 9hz .

Sunday, February 27, Vintage Gillette Superspeed Being new to the traditional style of wet shaving, I have been an avid reader of many blogs, posts, forums, websites, and watched lots and lots of videos on youtube Ok, I admit, I have been a little, well, He ended up purchasing a boar brush last weekend and I was happy to donate some of my creams for him to use and try out.

Obviously, he had much better shaves and was interested in finding out more about wet shaving. I pointed him to some of my favorite websites and blogs, most notably mantic59’s youtube channel. He has a very extensive collection of videos. They are great sources of information about wetshaving and are quite entertaining as well just in case you are interested yourself, you can find his youtube channel here.


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Straight Razors, Vintage Knives, Razors, Shaving Accessories & More! Hard to keep in stock, but A NEW LOT of Vintage Straight Razors are selling fast. Single wrapped Gillette King Razor Blades, Blue Blade, Wilkinson, a Vintage Hanging Razor Strop, several “Coffin” Boxes of years gone by and more has arrived just in time for gift giving or just because.

Droid Well-Known Member I have tried them three times, because I have also ended up with many packs of them. The first time was awful. As in unable to cut hair dull. So when I happened to get a nicer pack, I tried again, with a little stropping. Better than the last time, but still like using a steak knife. So when I got a pack that looked to have just left the factory, I tried yet again.

Used a couple different vintage blade hones, plus stropping. It was the best one yet, but still awful. Imagine the dullest, worst blade you have ever used. It was worse than that. I thought that old blades were just unusable. But I have honed and stropped other vintage blades to get successful shaves. The key being that they were all thicker SEs of various types. And I have had some old injectors that were still good as is.

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