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University of Waterloo team trains autonomous car to drive in winter weather Audio University of Waterloo team trains autonomous car to drive in winter weather As motorists across much of southwestern Ontario endured poor road conditions Tuesday, the “autonomoose” – a driverless Lincoln MKZ – is also getting a lesson in winter weather driving. Jan 10, 1: January 10, The Renesas autonomous vehicle and Autonomoose, the uWaterloo autonomous vehicle, are seen here operating under winter driving conditions in Stratford in December The University of Waterloo’s Centre for Automotive Research is one of three groups that got the green light in November to test autonomous vehicles on Ontario roads. University of Waterloo graduate student researchers Carlos Wang left and Ian Colwell track autonomous driving operation of the Renesas vehicle under winter driving conditions in Stratford in December Ross McKenzie talks to CBC’s Craig Norris about autonomous cars and snow days One of the things they learned, said McKenzie, was the lidar system a laser-radar sensor misread ice when detected on the road. Not a deal breaker The glitch is far from a deal breaker. In fact, the WatCAR team will use those errors to teach the cars how to better respond to those conditions. We want to experience those incidents so we can program the computer on the vehicle to expect them and react appropriately. Once the vehicle learns how to handle these conditions, it will be safer on the road than any human-controled vehicle, he said.


Messenger Our views of war are sanitised today. In an age of professional armies trained for increasingly technical tasks, few of us have witnessed combat, much less taken part in it. There are, though, individual accounts that give us a glimpse into what sword fights and cavalry charges must have been like — and the deadly consequences of defeat.

One such story was sent home by James Russell, a Serjeant his own archaic spelling in the North British Dragoons, a regiment known today as the Scots Greys. Russell was my ancestor, and my family still has his letter. And they were victorious.

FEATURING: Express (similar items>) jacket, sweater and tee. Another winter day, another winter outfit. When I’m not traveling, I’m battling the frigid new york weather like an onion. Layers on layers of neutral colors, and most being black.

All full-time female faculty members at the University of Guelph will be getting a raise after a salary review found they were being paid less than their male colleagues. Charlotte Yates, the provost at the Ontario university, said the decision comes after crunching the numbers gathered through the review launched last year. That represents more than tenured, tenure-track and contract faculty. The raises began on June 1, she said, but faculty were notified of the change on Tuesday. Yates said the school performed a robust statistical analysis taking into account a wide variety of factors including gender, age, experience, hiring date and some performance data.

The results showed female faculty were being underpaid compared to their male colleagues. The school’s review, Yates said, is indicative of larger inequity issues between the sexes. It’s important we take stock, which is what we were doing with this salary review, so we take stock and then make the correction as suggested.

Charlotte Yates This isn’t the first university where Yates has had a hand in raising the spectre of pay inequity. In , as a faculty member at McMaster University in Hamilton, she released a report that showed discrepancies between the sexes. The University of Guelph will continue to monitor salaries going forward to ensure inequities don’t creep back in, Yates said. The school also plans to promote proportional representation of women in senior leadership roles and to ensure equity and diversity are built into decisions on awarding prestigious awards to faculty.

Yates said she also hopes to address inequities based on race and disability, but many surveys sent out to faculty came back blank on those categories, making statistical comparisons difficult. Yates said she’s working to deal with that issue.

Professor Emeritus Michael J. Best

For the first time since dawn, the valley floor is silent. A British soldier walks near and Ponsonby cries out to him, offering a reward for his help. Ponsonby will survive until morning, when a cart carries him back to Waterloo village.

10 Signs You Know What Matters. Values are what bring distinction to your life. You don’t find them, you choose them. And when you do, you’re on the path to fulfillment.

Jack Rimmer was forced by Andrew Treneman to phone the police about his record at school. As a result, his mother was arrested and Dale was taken in by a social worker to be assigned to foster care. He was forced to return to school the next day, supported by Kim Campbell. After finishing his drama lesson well and seemingly happy about school, Dale made a trip to the toilets.

He was seen placing a cloth in his bag before going to his second lesson, French, where he was seated next to Courtney Walsh who complained of his smell, saying he needed a wash. During breaktime, Kim tried to talk to him but could not get a word in. During his third period with Lorna Dickey , Dale asked to go to the toilet, but an angry Lorna probably due to her Multiple Sclerosis refused. He tried to escape the class, but Lorna stopped him from doing so. He then began to urinate in front of the class, receiving taunts and laughter from his peers.

Courtney led the taunts after looking into his bag and finding the cloth–which turned out to be Dale’s underwear, soaked in urine. Mortified, Dale ran from the classroom. Dale was recommended to see a doctor, while Lorna, obviously regretting her decision not to let him go to the toilet, did an Internet search to try to find the cause of Dale’s problem. She found information on Overactive Bladder Syndrome , printed out the details and passed them on to fellow teachers.

University of Waterloo team trains autonomous car to drive in winter weather

Link Most scientists disagreed with The Economist’s premise that quantum computing is now only an engineering problem. What an abacus and a PC have in common is they are used to perform one calculation after the other. Using billions of transistors on a chip, modern computers can perform these linear calculations with astonishing speed but they share an essential similarity with the abacus. A quantum computer will be a different beast.

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Why did the Project Manager Cross the Road? September 6, by Paul Bergman Leave a Comment A thick skin and a sense of humour can go a long way for a project manager. A well timed joke can diffuse a stressful situation, and a humourous anecdote is an excellent way to make an important project management lesson more memorable. An inappropriate joke, however, is a sure way of putting a project team on edge, and perhaps even be sufficient cause for dismissal.

Why did the project manager cross the road? The best of the best entries will be featured in upcoming WCP news letters. The 2nd prize for the most popular original entry will be a hard copy of the current version of the PMBOK. A project manager, a software developer, and a business analyst walk into a bar. The software developer orders a whisky on the rocks, and the business analyst orders a vodka. What does the project manager order? Hover mouse here for answer How many project managers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hover mouse here for answer To qualify, jokes must be original, and in good taste. Stories and anecdotes may be true, but if they are, please change the names to protect the innocent and the guilty! Want to create your own project manager speed dating lesson?

List Of Top 20 Most Romantic Cities In Canada Revealed

Steve had been in Waterloo for a couple of years at this point and was living in an apartment on Hazel Street in Waterloo. Alison was still living at home with her parents as she finished up her degree at the University of Waterloo. Both Alison and Steve were looking for love and decided to turn to the world of internet dating to see if a virtual connection could be made with someone on the reputable PlentyOfFish. Then, one day before the end of October, she received a message that got her heart aflutter.

I mean, we should go for coffee sometime!

Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

Plot[ edit ] The show follows the lives of the teachers and the pupils at the eponymous school of Waterloo Road, a failing inner-city comprehensive , tackling a wide range of issues often seen as taboo such as steroids , giving birth , shooting , poverty , alcoholism and smuggling. Premise[ edit ] The fourth series picks up after the events of the third series finale , which involved a fire almost destroying the school and left the fate of several staff and pupils unknown.

The Kelly family are introduced as prominent characters this series, often referred to as the “family from hell”. The family consists of alcoholic mother, Rose Kelly, and her five children, who all enrol at Waterloo Road and bring many problems with them. Other plots this series include new Head of PE Rob Cleaver Elyes Gabel , who trains pupil Bolton Smilie Tachia Newall using pills that give him an unfair advantage and more of Head teacher Rachel Mason’s Eva Pope secrets being exposed following the arrival of her sister, as well as her nephew.

Also, troubled pupil Chlo Grainger Katie Griffiths giving birth and, finally, the return of former Head of Pastoral Care Kim Campbell Angela Griffin , who smuggles a baby girl into the country on her return from Rwanda.

Alison and Steve

A bit loosely but clearly drawn from Chastellux. Perhaps for the first time, Pocahontas is given a voice in direct discourse at the rescue scene: The last clause in the title is interesting, no? Indicative of the emphasis on the intermarriage and its positive value in this early period.

Number 1. Class 5 No climbs past Carnforth East Junction with express to Leeds in mids. Joe Richardson. front cover Snowbound at Dent – An 8F buried up to its smokebox. 3 B&w illus. in January

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