Calif. Dept. of Public Health Launches Effort To Reduce STDs

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Cfhc Support Organization

CFHC contracts with 76 organizations with locations that served over one million individuals in CFHC is involved in almost every aspect of family planning and the organization works closely with their clinical providers in a variety of ways. The organization provides training and technical support to providers and community health workers and also produces culturally competent education materials for clients in 13 languages.

CFHC also conducts research on new methods of contraception; develops educational materials; provides training for clinical and community health workers; and develops, implements, and monitors groundbreaking projects. One such innovative project is the Hook Up text service, which provides teens with sexual health messages. Each week, a different message is sent with a piece of sexual health information, running the gamut from prevention, screening and treatment of STIs to different contraceptive methods.

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HookUp 365247: New Text Messaging Service for California Youth

Apply Online Telemedicine This new service enables students to see a health care provider without leaving campus. Care includes the diagnosis and treatment for common conditions. Lab tests can be ordered, prescriptions can be obtained and referrals can be made.

Central Florida Heart Center, with offices located in Ocala and The Villages, is made up of a team of elite medical professionals dedicated to providing state-of-the-art cardiac care: • Joseph R. Alonso, MD, FACC • Surexa S. Cacodcar, MD, FACC • William F. Dresen, MD, FACC • Lan Luo, MD, FACC • Vijay K. Mittal, MD, FACC • Swaroop K. Rai, MD, FACC • Ira M. Stone, MD, FACC CFHC is.

It used to be that snow in the western part of the state was the big deal Folks in Polk County are recovering, he said. Much of the damage, said Pittman, was in the Highway area He said the Holbert Cove area as well as the Warrior Mountain areas were particularly hard hit with damage. As Polk County continues to clean up after those storms this spring, Pittman says the worst part of it all were the lives lost.

He refers to the woman who was killed when a mudslide struck her house, pinning her between her house and her garage Officials with those agencies have been in Polk County, says Pittman, assessing the damage Looking toward the future and the possibility of similar tragic situations in periods of heavy rain, flooding and mudslides, Pittman says Polk County is reaching out to the State of North Carolina for participation in a state mudslide program. He says that program can get Polk County included in the identification and mapping of potential mudslide areas in the county.

Tour To Highlight Affordable Housing

By Sarah Kessler 4 minute Read Since Brianna Rader started to build a sex-ed app about a year ago, she has spent many afternoons staked out in suburban shopping malls. Apps with menu navigation bars seem archaic. Fruit, like eggplants and peaches, stand in for anatomy in text messages. The result of all these conversations, an app called Juicebox , launched on Thursday.

GET READY, GET SET, GO,GET TESTED!. April is STD Awareness Month. SWAP has gathered these major resources to help you design an STD Awareness campaign for your community. STDs can be prevented, treated, and often cured. Use these resources to keep it simple and convenient!

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Nominees sought for CFHC Philanthropy Award

Friday, September 23, In June-August , we implemented a mixed-method evaluation to assess whether texting is still an effective platform to promote sex education and link youth to services, and how Hookup could adapt to better engage diverse populations. We conducted 14 Key Informant Interviews KII , four focus groups with 25 youth, and a text-based survey to 3, current Hookup subscribers.

The KIIs indicated Hookup content was helpful but could be improved by making sure each text included an action item, and that program impact could be enhanced by targeting subpopulations of youth, including rural and younger youth. Those interviewed thought the clinic finder was an important component, but questioned its success connecting youth to clinics. Focus group participants found message content helpful and funny, but indicated interactive features and tailored content for subpopulations of youth could greatly improve usability.

The Cape Fear region is losing an affordable housing advocate to the city of Asheville. Paul D’Angelo (pictured at left), chairman of the Cape Fear Housing Coalition, has accepted the job of affordable housing development specialist in the western North Carolina city, which has been tackling its own major affordable housing problems in recent years.

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In this paper, the carbon fiber heated cable (CFHC) is introduced to offset the weakness of traditional metal heated cable in some grounds. As seen in Fig. 2, the CFHC is composed of a multimode optical fiber, a carbon-fiber and a coat. The optical fiber has its own core, cladding, coating and fiber-optic jacket.

From Community Foundation of Henderson County: Sauer Charitable Leadership Award. The award goes to an individual who makes a difference in our community by providing outstanding leadership through their personal philanthropic efforts. The award is looking for individuals who go beyond traditional volunteer hours and have made a significant contribution toward raising funds for charitable projects, providing leadership to solve community problems or to meet community needs.

Shepherd and Ruth B. Nominees must be living residents of Henderson County, and may not include committees, corporations or organizations. Nomination forms are available at the Community Foundation office, located at North Main Street, 3rd Floor, Hendersonville or can be found on the website at cfhcforever. Nominations are due by June 24, in the Community Foundation office.

Since , the Community Foundation of Henderson County has offered people a variety of ways to touch our community through philanthropic giving.

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Medical providers are preparing for an avalanche of new patients as the federal health-care overhaul becomes a reality in Cook County. More content below this sponsor message One in five adults in Cook County is currently without health insurance, and the Affordable Care Act ACA mandates that all Americans access health insurance of some kind beginning in That very well may be the case. And Cook County is planning to expand Medicaid coverage to , new patients beginning in January What remains unclear to many — including providers themselves — is just how many new patients will start flooding the health system as soon as six weeks from now, when Cook County begins its Medicaid expansion.

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CFHC failed to reach its “sustainable” target by 13 percent, enrolling fewer than , in private insurance. Despite the obvious shortcoming, CEO Patty Fontneau last year asked for a 3 percent raise on her already-generous $, salary.

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May 17, Once a rarity, state initiatives to expand eligibility for family planning services under their Medicaid programs are now increasingly commonplace. Half of all states have received permission from the federal government to waive the normal eligibility rules under Medicaid to initiate such programs, and several of these programs have been in operation for many years. The resulting increase in Medicaid dollars for subsidized family planning services has begun to allow providers to leverage the different but clearly complementary strengths of Medicaid and Title X, while quietly crafting a comprehensive and multifaceted effort aimed at some of the individuals in need of publicly funded family planning who are most difficult to reach and serve.

This is the second in a two-part investigation into the ways the Medicaid eligibility expansions are changing how family planning services for low-income individuals are financed in the United States, and the optimal role for Title X in a system under which service providers may be able to rely on Medicaid to fund at least the most basic package of health care for most of their clients.

The first looked at lessons learned from a similar, although considerably more established, transition in maternal and child health financing and service delivery related article , Winter , page 2.

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The staff at Chestnut Family Health Center is committed to delivering comprehensive, high-quality, personal care to our patients. The Center is a program of Chestnut Health Systems , which has been providing services throughout Illinois since the early s. All of our physicians and advanced practice nurses are board certified and are dedicated to providing medical care which is specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your family.

We strongly believe in preventative medicine and encourage annual physical exams, gynecological care, immunization updates and cancer screenings. We are always happy to discuss lifestyle issues that may improve your health. Your care is performed and managed by a medical professional in collaboration with other health professionals, and utilizing consultation or referrals as appropriate. We strive to promote effective communication with patients and encourage the role of the patient as a partner in health care.

Our offices are located at: Please call us at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:

Castleton Family Health Center

Last modified on What is the Community Foundation of Harford County? The Community Foundation of Harford County is a c 3 public charity nonprofit supported by the community through donations. CFHC is modeled after the more than community foundations in the U. CFHC enables individuals, families, and businesses to create a legacy to benefit the causes about which they care. We help connect people who wish to give back to their community with causes that are dear to them.

Anthem BCBS – Connect for Health Colorado Plans. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado offers their ACA-qualified health plans in the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Catastrophic categories on the Connect for Health Colorado (CFHC) marketplace. Options also .

His numerous works have been translated into multiple languages. The arrival of migrants in Europe has renewed the question of family resemblances. Who is the other, what does he or she look like, whose family do other people belong to? In philosophy, the question of the Other is very old. It has been commented on from a rational perspective, through the notion of the alter ego, or from a moral point of view. Rational categories are usually required to establish the place that one should allow to the other — the stranger who both looks like me and is also different.

But the role of imagination is often undervalued in the experience of encountering another person.

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